Monday, May 19, 2008

What a great testimonial!

This is the stuff we love to hear. Marcel came in for a 55nine Performance bike fit on Friday, from Florida, on his way to NC to race the 12 hours of Tsali. Here is what he had to say about it:

My goal of completing one 12 hrs solo or one hundie ride/race by end of 2008 is now completed. Actually, looking forward to doing one or two more of these. I must be doing something right on my training, nutrition, and preparation. I was encouraged by those that know me to try the 12 hours at Tsali. I didn't think my back could take such pounding. I had my doubts about my food intake during the race. But I have been riding a lot and preparing for such event. I gave it a shot and finished it. Even surprised myself with the results. One of the main things that helped me finish the race was the Wobble-Naught Laser bike fit. The pre ride (Friday) and first lap of the race were painful, but I settled into a groove by second lap and I would feel more comfortable on my bike then walking or standing around in my feeding pit. The DartFish pedal stroke analysis Eddie did with the video camera, was an eye opener experience. I learned better pedal technique and I had to concentrate on how to pedal during the race but it helped me tremendously. I was able to pedal up the climbs furter then before, I was able to stay on my seat longer and not stand up as much, and I did NOT cramp. Thanks again Eddie! For everyone who may be thinking of getting one of this, do NOT waste more time. Go do it now. Best investment I have done so far and I have only used it for one race with immediate results.

Congratulations, Marcel, on an awesome race and good luck with the rest of your races!