Friday, January 09, 2009

Scott Rigsby Interview

Scott Rigsby, a 55nine Performance client, is one of the most dedicated athletes out there. Read this interview with Scott, the double-amputee IRONMAN.

In the interview, Scott says,
"I have been the tip of the sword in term of double amputees and what can be done in our sport. Hopefully, my failures and setbacks can be use to help others like me be more successful. I am currently riding a bike that is about 3 sizes to small. I have been working with Eddie O'Dea of 55nine Performance on my bike fit and cycling technique. He has worked with me to setup my bike optimally using the Wobble-Naught fit system and quantified the setup based on my skeletal and prosthetic measurements. This has to be refined every time my prosthetics change. We are using the Dartfish video analysis to constantly work on my form and technique which has resulted in more comfort and some of my best bike splits to date. There have been some major challenges with getting into an aero position mostly due to balance or lack there of, so we are still working in that area. I am seeking a bike sponsor for 2009 season that could work with us so that we can progress to a stable aero position."

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