Thursday, September 04, 2008

FM.24 info for this weekend

Eddie O'Dea and Mark Baldwin will be racing solo this weekend at the FM.24.08 race in Atlanta. Good luck, guys!

You can track the race in realtime in your web browser or in Google Earth via . If you have a cell phone with internet, a cell phone friendly version is at .

Johnny's Pizza on North Highland (the Race HQ) and Terrapin Beer are offering up $7.50 buckets of Terrapin (5 Bottles) during the race. Johnny's is keeping the kitchen open for us! After closing, they will continue to serve up slices and whole pizza pies, as well as cookies, chips, and deserts. After closing and until morning they are also brewing coffee: 50 cents/cup, 25 cents/refill. While eating inside Johnny's, you are a regular customer. Find a table, place an order, enjoy. While eating outside Johnny's or on the back patio, you must place your order "to-go" at the register. This means you order, pay, and pick up your food at the register. This also means you need to help clean up after yourself! Two porta-poties will be provided during race hours. Please use these in favor of Johnny's restrooms when possible.

Elliott St. Pub (last check point on the route) is partying all night in honor of our race. They are serving up pulled pork barbeque, deli sandwiches, and drink specials. Please enjoy and say hi to Mike!