Sunday, September 23, 2007

12 Hours of Dauset--great for 55nine Performance clients

We had several impressive finishes at the 6 and 12 hours of Dauset this weekend!

6 Hour:
Shey Lindner (Bear Naked/Cannondale)- 1st place solo male
Peter Uher (Arc Angels/Outspokin)- 4th place solo male
Kate Cook (Sorella Cycling)- 3rd place solo female
Nancy Fields- 5th place solo female

12 Hour:
Eddie O'Dea (55nine Performance)- 1st place solo male
Harvey Minton (Independent Fabrications)- 2nd place solo male
Namrita O'Dea (Vassago Cycles/55nine Performance)- 1st place solo female

Sport Team:
Go Fast Pops- 9th place

Beginner Team:
Zerie USA- 1st place

Co-Ed Team:
Endo- 2nd place
Just for Fun- 9th place