Thursday, August 09, 2007

Carey Lowery is on fire!

Carey Lowery (Team Outdoor Store) had been incredibly consistent this season.

Carey took 3rd at the Wilderness 101 which moves her ahead of former NUE series leader Danielle Musto. The race at the Shenandoah 100 will decide the final outcome.

Not only that, Carey also finishes 2nd in the NORBA Ultra Endurance series:

Women's Individual Standings:
1. Rebecca Rusch (Ketchum, Idaho/Red Bull-Specialized) 160
2. Carey Lowery (Athens, Tennessee/Team Outdoor Store) 130
3. Monique Sawicki (Mililani, Hawaii/Ergon Elsworth) 60
4. Lynn Stott (Boise, Idaho) 60
5. Christina Smith (Denton, Texas/Team Ortho-Sage Cycles) 40

Congratulations to Carey on her success so far this year and good luck in the latter half!