Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sizing a Bike

In the market for a new bike? People constantly ask us, "How do I know what size frame to buy?" Well, hopefully you know that "sizing" a bike is not the same as "fitting" a bike.

Thanks to Wobble-naught, we do have guidelines for determining the best frame size:

The only tools needed to size your bike are 1) level or book, 2) a metric tape, and 3) a calculator!

This is a very simple sizing process!!! It takes very little time.

  1. Take your inseam length while standing in your socks with your feet about 4 to 6 inches apart, back against a wall.
  2. Hold your level or book under your crotch (pull up firmly).
  3. Use the tape from the top of the level or book, and measure to the floor.
  4. Read the tape in centimeters.
  5. Multiply the (cm) measurement by .67
  6. Mountain Bikes, subtract 11 cm and round to the lower number, road bikes round to the nearest even cm.
  7. This should roughly be the length of the seat tube on a properly sized frame.

This should give you a good reference point on size, so that you can obtain a precision fit.